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  • Dreamweaver is currently interacting with a server – Answered

    Problem When uploading files to a remote site in Dreamweaver you may have seen the annoying box Dreamweaver is currently interacting with the server. Since putting a file on save requires interaction with a server as well Dreamweaver can not currently perform this task. Please try again when the server task is complete. [OK] Since there […]

  • Romero the Musical: all you need to put on a performance

    Romero the Musical – online resources now available

  • Romero the Musical

    Working on a website for a new musical about Oscar Romero, Archbishop in El Salvador, assassinated in 1980 for daring to speak out for social justice. The musical was written by George Daly (text) and Liam Bauress (music), and orchestrated by Richard Benbow. This website aims to provide a complete downloadable package to help any […]