Dreamweaver is currently interacting with a server – Answered


When uploading files to a remote site in Dreamweaver (DW), you may have seen the annoying box:

Dreamweaver is currently interacting with the server.
Since putting a file on save requires interaction with a server as well Dreamweaver can not currently perform this task.
Please try again when the server task is complete.


Since there is only one option, i.e. click [OK], I just got into the habit of hitting [Return] to allow the server to get on with it. But is there a way to avoid this?


After extensive searching, I found the following answer:

  1. Go to Site > Manage Sites >[sitename] > Edit… > Remote info
  2. Deselect (uncheck/untick) “Automatically upload files to server on save”
  3. Hit [Return] or Click [OK]

This solves the issue. Now we just get a sometimes lengthy “Waiting for server…”. Usually, it’s just a few seconds, but at least it doesn’t require any user interaction.

In fact, uploading files automatically on Save can cause genuine problems if you make a mistake. At least if you’ve only saved the file locally, you can “Get the Remote” file to correct your mistakes. Just save your local file under a different name first so you can retrieve any useful changes you’ve made (e.g. change filename.php to filename1.php), as when you get the remote file, DW will ask you if you want to overwrite the file.

Thanks to Nancy O. of alt-web.com for this solution: