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“Aptos not found, using Courier” (Microsoft default font changed)

The Problem

I was working on a Word document earlier today, saved it and went to print it as a PDF.

The file selector appeared so I could give the PDF its filename. Good so far.

Following that, about 60, yes, sixty Notepad windows (filename.log) opened, all with the same error message from Adobe Distiller:

Aptos not found, using Courier

Not good.

Have you turned it off and on again?

So I:

  1. turned the computer off and on again and tried again – with the same result
  2. selected everything and changed the font to a well-known alternative – with the same result
  3. checked Word’s Options
  4. created a new Word document, having first changed the font and pasted in the content – all with the same result.

Hmm. So, the font is available in Word, but not for Distiller.
Required: a search of the Interweb for “Aptos (body) font download”.

The Solution

Aha. Microsoft, in its great wisdom, decided that Calibri had reached its end of life:

Aptos is the new default font for Microsoft Office, replacing the Calibri font. If you are running a previous version of Office or you want to install it on your system to use with any other applications, you can download it here. Aptos is a sans-serif typeface in the grotesque style developed by Steve Matteson.

Microsoft’s 15-year relationship with Calibri came to a natural end. The font replaced Times New Roman across Microsoft Office back in 2007, but the twilight of its reign started in 2021 when the Redmond company commissioned five original, custom fonts to replace Calibri, asking users to choose their favorite default option.


How nice of Microsoft to do this without telling everyone.

Fortunately, you can download the Aptos font free (for multiple OS) at techspot.com

Even though the big, blue Download Now button looks like it’s part of an advert, it is the button you’re looking for. *hand-wave*

Download Now blue button at techspot.com

To give Microsoft credit, Aptos is a nice and clear sans-serif font, designed by Steve Matteson, with a range of weights and styles.

Hope this helps!

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