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Website design, IT, typesetting and editorial services in Dunblane, Stirling and beyond

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See our most recent website developments

  • DIY Gal
    Development of existing website, upgrading to latest technologies (HTML5 & CSS3), for viewing on computers, tablets and smartphones
  • Spencer Strategy
    This website is a responsive design using the latest technologies (HTML5 & CSS3), for viewing on computers, tablets and smartphones
  • Studio Third Wave
    The Typehouse assisted the site owner with the WordPress installation, database management and CSS

Contact us today to see how we can help you get online

Which Web Design Company: The Typehouse

Affordable web design & development

Find out how a website will help you reach your potential customers.

If you're new to business, a website will help you make that essential step in getting started.
If you're well-established, a website will help you improve the connections you already have, and achieve what you need.

We can help meet your needs by providing great-value innovative solutions that ensure:

  • you're better connected
  • you're open for business 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Discover how we can help you establish a web presence
and probably more cheaply than you might imagine

Looking good in print: typesetting solutions

We can typeset your booklets and publicity materials, turning your scripts into beautifully-designed pages, guaranteed to enhance your readers' appreciation.

We have typeset many thousands of pages of books, user guides and manuals, and music.

Read about our typesetting work and see how we can help you

Editorial help: avoiding mistakes

Don't let bad spelling put off your potential customers. We offer proof-reading services to help you avoid the mistakes that inevitably creep into work (especially when under pressure).

Poorly-presented work gives the impression to a potential customer that you simply don't care. But we can help: with many years' experience of working with academics and students, we can enable you to present the best possible image to your potential customers.

We also offer copy-editing and web-writing services.

Check up on our proofreading and copy-editing services.

Business help for your office (back-up, upgrades, anti-virus etc.)

Clients often ask us about a range of issues, including

  • backing up (off-site data storage)
  • memory upgrades
  • security measures (anti-virus & anti-spyware)
  • speeding up broadband
  • avoiding spam

Find our business productivity recommendations here.


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Client comments

Argaty Red Kites website home page

'Thanks for all the help and support getting our new website up and running. It looks fantastic!'

Argaty Red Kites
CSWilson Ltd website home page

'I would highly recommend Alistair… to anyone looking for web development on time and at a reasonable cost.'

CSWilson Ltd
RSCM website home page

'thank you for a huge amount of fantastic work on that website'




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